Legal Issues with Sexual Relations with a Minor

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Being accused of having sexual relations with minor can have a major negative impact on a person’s life.  Not only can these types of accusations ruin otherwise good reputations and personal relationships, but it can also result in legal issues and formal legal charges being filed against a person.  There are many different legal issues associated with any adult person having sexual relations of any type with a minor person.

When Can Criminal Charges Be Pursued?

Having sex, in any form, with anyone under the age of 18 can result in criminal charges being pressed against someone.  The exact charges that will be filed are usually determined by several different factors including:

  • Individual state laws
  • Exact nature of the sexual act
  • Prior criminal history of the accused
  • Exact age of the minor involved

Charges may be more severe for a repeat offender, or someone with prior convictions to similar charges.  Charges may be less severe, too, depending on factors like what type of sexual act took place and exact age of the minor involved.

What Charges can be Filed?

There are several charges that can be filed against a person who has sexual relations with someone under the age of 18.  These charges can include:

  • Corruption of a minor
  • Statutory rape
  • Child Molestation
  • Sexual Assault

Laws vary from state to state to help determine which charges will be filed.  Many different factors are taken into consideration when deciding which charges best fit the alleged crime and are based on individual state laws.

What If There is a Conviction?

If a person is convicted of any charges in association with having sexual relations with a minor, there will be some type of legal consequences attached to the conviction.  The more severe penalties can include imprisonment and mandatory registration on a sex offender list.  Some of the less severe consequences can include stiff monetary fines and supervised probation.

If you or someone you know is being accused of statutory rape or any other crimes associated with having sexual relations with a minor, you need to seek the advice of a good criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.  The quicker you seek advice from experienced counsel, the better prepared you will be to make your case.  It is important to plan your legal defense.  You cannot appropriately complete this task without the advice and assistance of a good attorney.