Wrongfully Accused of Child Rape: Making a Defense

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Child rape is one of the most heinous crimes a person can be charged with, especially when they are being wrongfully accused.  A good criminal defense attorney should be contacted as soon as the false accusations are made, so that a good defense case can be made.  The sooner he can get started, the better.

What to Do if Wrongfully Accused

After contacting a criminal defense attorney, the very first thing a person should do after they are wrongfully accused of child rape is to educate himself.  Knowledge is powerful.  A good defense attorney will provide his client with important facts.  However, there are some things the accused can take the initiative to learn.  This can include the best way to portray himself in the courtroom or on the witness stand.  Research material is available to help with these specific subjects.

Another thing a person who has been wrongfully accused of child rape can consider is getting a complete psychiatric evaluation conducted.  A person who has been wrongfully accused of such a crime would display certain characteristics and emotions that this type of test could help pick up.  In retrospect, it could very much help make a good defense.

What Not to Do if Wrongfully Accused

One of the most common mistakes people make when they are wrongfully accused of child rape is that they take the allegations too lightly.  They know in their heads that they are innocent, so they never dream that anything will actually become of the allegations.  It is important that you always take such charges seriously.

Although charges need to be taken seriously, it is equally important for the wrongfully accused to remain calm.  Do not panic.  Panic often makes it harder for an attorney to make a good defense.

A person who is wrongfully accused of child molestation or rape should never agree to speak to law enforcement or social service workers outside the presence of an attorney.  People make this mistake all the time, mistaken that their silence will be mistaken for guilt.  The best defense can be made when the accused only speaks to law enforcement in the presence of his attorney and under their direct advice.

To make a good defense case for a wrongfully accused person, certain criteria has to be met.  In addition to the do’s and don’ts listed above, here are some facts to remember:

  • Seek legal counsel/advice immediately
  • Try not to take the accusations personally
  • Know your rights

Get an Attorney

If wrongfully convicted of a child rape or child molestation charge, a person’s life can be ruined.  In order to make the best defense you can, time is of the essence and knowledge is power.