Penalties for a Child Pornography Conviction

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Child pornography is a kind of child abuse. Child pornography is a serious criminal charge. Conviction can result in severe penalties.

Child Pornography                                            

Child pornography is the term used to define the visual depiction of minors and children engaging in sexual activities with other children or adults. It also includes the visual depiction of the genitals of minors and children. In the US it is illegal to produce, distribute, sell or possess child pornography materials. To secure a conviction the prosecution must prove beyond reasonable doubt that you knowingly produced, received or possessed child pornography material. 


The production, distribution, sale or possession of child pornography is a felony crime in all states. If convicted, you will be sent to jail. Child pornography has minimum mandatory sentencing requirements. The minimum mandatory sentence for each count of production of child pornography can extend up to 30 years. The fine can extend up to $250,000. The minimum mandatory sentence for each count of possession or distribution of child pornography can extend to 20 years. Many factors will influence the penalty – age of the children involved and criminal history of the defendant. In some cases conviction can result in a life sentence.

Consequences of Conviction

Besides jail term, if convicted, you will have to pay hefty fines. You can be ordered to undergo counseling and do community service. A person convicted for child pornography must register himself or herself with the state sex offender registry which can be accessed by everyone. In some states persons convicted for child pornography are prohibited from owning a fire arm. The court can also impose other conditions on the movements of a person convicted of child pornography including restrictions on movements near a day care center or a school. A child pornography conviction will result in the creation of a criminal record in your name. Once a criminal record is created it will pop up every time some does a background check on you. This will create problems for you if you are looking for employment or housing. A conviction for child pornography also has a stigma attached to it. You will have to live with the stigma for the rest of your life. In some states the victims can sue you for compensation which can run into millions of dollars.

Getting Legal Help

Contact an experienced child molestation attorney immediately if you have been arrested for child pornography. An experienced attorney can build your defense and can get the charges against you dropped.