Falsely Accused of Child Molestation

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If you are falsely accused of child molestation, you must act fast or else you will be convicted. Child molestation is a felony in all states and on conviction you will be sent to prison.

Child Molestation

The term child molestation refers to inappropriate touching or physical contact for sexual gratification between an adult and a minor especially in situations where the child is under the control or power of the adult. It is often described as a non-penetrative activity between an adult and a minor.


If you are convicted even on false charges of child molestation, you will be sentenced to a prison term that can vary depending on your state laws. You will also be subject to hefty fines. In addition to the jail term and fine, you can be ordered to undergo counseling and do community service. Besides the penalties, you will also face a lot of social consequences. You will have to suffer the stigma of being branded a child molester all your life even if the charges are subsequently dropped. You must register your name in the state registry of sex offender which can be accessed by the public. If you are convicted even on false charges, a criminal record is established in your name. This will cause problems for you when you apply for a job or you want to rent an apartment. Employers and landlords generally conduct a background check on prospective employees and tenants. Once they know about your record, they will not be interested in having any dealings with you. In many states you will be barred from owning a fire arm.

What to do if you are falsely accused

First of all due to the sensitive issues involved in a child molestation case, everyone tends to believe the victim even if the charge is false. So don’t waste your time declaring your innocence. Instead the first thing you should do is contact an experienced child molestation lawyer. Do not speak to the police or other investigating agencies without your lawyer being present. The police will use whatever to say to them against you in their pursuit to get you convicted. Ignore the media attention. Do not give out interviews to the media without your lawyer being present. The principle of presumed innocent until proven guilty does not actually work in case of a child molestation charge. Instead start working on your defense. Work with your lawyer to gather evidence of your good character and make a list of persons who can testify for your innocence.

Getting legal help

A false accusation of child molestation can ruin your life. Consult with an experienced child molestation lawyer immediately to work on a defense plan.