Defending Yourself Against a False Child Sexual Abuse Charge

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The criminal justice system in the US takes child sexual abuse charge seriously. Even the society tends to look down up on a person charged or accused of child sexual abuse. In today’s world where people are suing one another at the earliest given opportunity, false child abuse charges are on the rise.

Reasons for false child sexual abuse charges

One of the main reasons is child custody battle between parents after a divorce. By charging the father with child sexual abuse, the mother can in a child custody battle show the father to be unworthy of the child’s custody. Other reasons for false child sexual abuse charges are revenge, defamation, harassment, etc.

Consequences of child sexual abuse charges

If convicted of child sexual abuse charges, even if false, you will be sent to prison. In most states you will have to register yourself in the state sex offender registry which can be accessed by the general public. A conviction will establish a criminal record which will appear every time someone does a background check or verification on you. As a result, you will have problems in getting employment or renting an apartment. You may also have to pay fines and undergo psychiatric counseling and do community service. You may also be subject to extensive media coverage. You will face life long social stigma. Your family and friends may be supportive — or not — and your neighbors, coworkers, and larger community will all be morbidly interested in the child sexual abuse charges. The accuser may well be given more credibility than you. Even if the charges are dropped, the rumors or impression of child sexual abuse may follow you for the rest of your life.

What to do if you are falsely charged?

Once you are accused of child sexual abuse, nothing you say will convince the society that you are innocent. The first thing you should do is contact an experienced child molestation attorney. Never give a statement to the police or other investigating agency in the absence of an attorney. Anything to say to them will be used against you. In a case of child sexual abuse, the principle of presumed innocent until proven guilty does not hold good in practice. You must prove your innocence. Never accept a plea bargain. You should collect evidence that can help you defeat a false child sexual abuse charge such as your clean record and certificates or awards you have received showing your good character. You should also use expert witnesses and testimony to challenge the prosecution’s claims.

Getting legal help

If you have been falsely accused of child sexual abuse, contact an experienced child molestation attorney immediately. Not doing so can prove costly. An experienced child molestation attorney can get the charges against you dropped or thrown out.