Accused of Child Sexual Abuse: Proving Your Innocence

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All states have strict child sexual abuse laws. If convicted, you will face severe penalties including prison term and hefty fines. If you have been accused of child sexual abuse you must act quickly to prove your innocence.

Child sexual abuse

Child sexual abuse is a type of child abuse involving inappropriate acts between an adult and child for the purpose of sexual gratification of the adult. There need not be actual touching. Even if the adult exposes his or her genitals to the child he or she can be charged with child sexual abuse. However a person can be wrongly accused of child sexual abuse at times.

What to do

If you have been accused of child sexual abuse, you must contact an experienced child abuse attorney immediately. Generally in such cases, people tend to believe the accuser and not the accused. So don’t waste your time trying to prove your innocence to the world. You must not speak to the police or other investigating agencies without your attorney being present. The police and investigating agencies will use whatever you say against you to get you convicted. A child abuse case will attract media attention. Media persons will hound you. So it is important that you conduct yourself well. Do not speak to the media in the absence of your attorney. If you loose your cool or act angrily, your actions will be caught on camera and this will be used in the court by the prosecution to show that you are an evil person capable of committing a heinous crime like child sexual abuse.

Gathering evidence

Presumed innocent until proven guilty does not work in child sexual abuse cases. It is important that you work with your attorney and gather evidence to build your defense. Gather all evidence that you can to show the court you are a person of good character such as back ground checks, character letters from current and earlier employees, certificates and awards received for contribution to community, evidence of participation in community events, etc. Make a list of known person who can give testimony in the court. Discuss with your attorney the possibility of using an expert witness to pick loopholes in the prosecution’s case. It is important that you prove your innocence in a child sexual abuse case. If you are convicted, you will be sent to prison and made to pay hefty fines. Conviction will result in a criminal record and you will have to register yourself with the state sex offender registry.

Getting legal help

Consult with an experienced child abuse attorney if you have been accused of child sexual abuse. You will need the services of the attorney to prove your innocence.